Moon Classes




As we reach July’s New Moon we start to feel a beautiful light and flowing energy around us.  I love celebrating each moon phase because it always brings something different and powerful.

I wanted to create a peaceful and gentle class for you all in the comfort of your own home.

I invite you to join me for a wonderful class on Tuesday, 21st July from 8.30pm to 10pm


Create some magic from your home this Tuesday night. I am hosting a beautiful New Moon Ritual and Meditation at 8.30pm.

Get cosy in a quiet space in your home, light candles, prepare some herbal tea and burn essential oils as together we will embark on a beautiful journey on this night of new beginnings and deep healing.


   What you will need ~

For the New Moon Ritual

A quiet space
Pen and paper
Light a candle and burn some essential oils (if possible)
Water or herbal tea

One or all of the following:

Fresh flowers (we will use the petals)
A candle (not a tea light candle)
A house plant (can be any size – just something with soil)

For the Guided Meditation

Somewhere to lie down and be cosy.
Your bed or a yoga mat, pillow and blanket.

The first 30 minutes of the class we will do our beautiful ritual.

Then we will do a 45 minute guided meditation.


If you would like to join me on this night, I would love to connect with you.


The class takes place online via Zoom, where you can log onto your phone, tablet or computer to watch and listen to the class.


If you would like to book your place, you can make payment below and I will email you with a link to join the class and your New Moon Journal the day before (Monday 20th July).


Much love,

Caroline x


15 euros per person

Free of charge if you are a current Monthly Member of It’s Time For Me


New Moon Ritual & Meditation15.00 EUR
Please note that you will not be redirected to this page when you make payment. I will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your payment and you will receive an email from paypal confirming your payment.