Meditation Classes

I am delighted to hold space for you to enjoy a night of Womb Healing through Guided Meditation for the special free class.  Our womb holds so much space for creativity and receiving but it also a place where we can store our fears and anxiety.

This class is a gentle evening to help you connect to your womb or womb space, a part of you that creates and receives.  You may like this class if you:

♡ Have suffered a miscarriage/loss

♡ Have experienced birth trauma.

♡ Are hoping to conceive.

♡ Are a new mother and feel disconnected from yourself.

♡ Are experiencing difficult menstrual cycles.

♡ Are going through fertility treatment.

♡ Have issues with your womb.

♡ Find it hard to really nourish yourself.

♡ Find it difficult to receive from others and/or ask for support.

♡ Simply want to connect to the powerful energy of your womb.

Tapping into the energy of our womb/womb space is a really beautiful experience as it allows you to connect to the essence of yourself and begin to listen to what your body needs at this time, which will help you as you move forward in life.

*You do not have to have a womb to take part in this beautiful class.

In this class I will take you through:

~  Deep Womb Healing Meditation to help you reconnect, nourish yourself, receive support and start creating wonderful things in life.

You can safely light a candle, burn essential oils, lie down and I will guide you through a beautiful and powerful class.

My wish for this class is to bring you on a deep pathway to connect with your true self and listen to what your body and soul need at this time.

Booking for this class is now closed.

If you would like to enjoy more gentle and relaxing classes, I would love you to join my Online Retreat starting Saturday 18th September.

Full details are available HERE