Tarot Readings

I have been reading the tarot cards and using my intuitive gift for many years.  I love being able to gain deep insight into the emotions of the person I am reading for and seeing exactly what their blocks may be.  When a person can understand any emotional or mental blocks they have it then gives them the opportunity to be able to take steps towards healing these blocks and opening the door to the amazing things the universe has to offer.  After I do this, I then look at each area of a person’s life and give them “potentials”, which are specific to them, as to what is lying ahead for them in the future.  I do not believe that many things are set in stone and a reading offers guidance, which allows the person being read for to take steps towards the life changes they desire, if they would like to.

From my experience of reading for many, many people over a long number of years I believe that an Intuitive Tarot Reading is a scared offering.  It allows the people I read for to have time just for them; to focus on their needs, desires and their dreams.  As there is a lot of detail in a reading and because a reading covers the following 12 months of a person’s life, I believe that having a reading just once in a year is ideal.  Often people want many readings if they have some difficulties or stress and whilst I would read for someone after 6 months, I believe that giving oneself a full year is best as it gives you time to allow things to happen and for you to take the action steps you need to remove the blocks and make the changes that the reading has shown.

An Intuitive Tarot Reading is not fortune telling and I am not psychic and whilst the things I see happen, my true passion for reading for people is because I want to offer them the opportunity to see themselves clearly, to know fully that they are spiritually protected and guarded by a higher energy, to trust and listen to their own intuition and guidance and to move fully into alignment with themselves.

I now offer readings by Phone/Skype on Thursdays and in person one Saturday per month.  The experience of the reading is the same and I record your session (with your permission) and send an audio file to your afterwards (with your permission).


In Person Readings

I am currently not doing any in person readings due to Covid 19.


Phone Readings

If you would like to book in with me, you can enjoy the following:

One Hour Reading: €60.00

Half Hour Reading: €30.00  (This reading is only suitable for follow up readings for previous clients. It is not suitable for a first time reading).

I read on Mondays and Thursdays by Phone/Zoom only.

The current wait time for for your appointment is 3 weeks.

To book a reading, please make payment below. I aim to contact you within 3 working days to arrange your appointment. If however, you have not heard from me in this time, please do email me at carolinemariameade@gmail.com

I really look forward to connecting with you and reading for you.

*Please note that after you make payment, you will not be redirected to the website but you will receive an email from PayPal confirming your payment.  



Tarot Readings