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Welcome to It’s Time For Employees helping your organisation to offer bespoke wellbeing solutions to your staff.

Every organisation have their own stresses and difficulties that are specific to the type of business they run and the type of industry they are part of and as a result, the wellbeing needs of their staff will reflect this.

It’s Time For Employees creates tailor made written, digital and audio content, in partnership with the staff of each business, helping to provide supports that staff will want to engage with and that will have a positive impact and benefit for their long term wellbeing.

Wellbeing supports that are rolled out to staff can have many pitfalls:

Lack of buy-in from staff due to not feeling the content/offering will be beneficial to them;

Staff often do not feel listened to by their organisation when it comes to their wellbeing;

Trust issues whereby staff do not feel they can trust in their management to provide something that will work for them and also that they feel if they engage in wellbeing supports that this may affect their current role and future promotional opportunities;

Staff can feel that the organisation are completing a ‘tick the box’ exercise and do not truly value their employee’s wellbeing. They need to feel that the organisation is behind the initiative from the top level down.

It’s Time For Employees can help to overcome these problems by:

I am a third party with no affiliation to the organisation. This can create a foundation of trust from the very start, whereby staff can feel more open to speak about their needs and issues in a confident manner;

Engaging with staff from the offset by holding video conference sessions, sending out anonymous surveys and providing a virtual anonymous suggestion box to identify and understand the wellbeing needs of staff and what they would/would not like to engage in.

This allows me the insight to create a bespoke wellbeing solution to fit in with the majority needs and wants of the staff by:

Tailoring all wellbeing supports to reflect the feedback of the staff;

Creating content in a format that staff would engage in;

Including staff every step of the way from the idea stage to the creation stage. This is a very important aspect of this bespoke wellbeing solution to show staff that I would be working in partnership with them, enhancing trust and buy-in;

Providing an excellent launch of the bespoke wellbeing solution by involving staff, holding online classes to showcase how the wellbeing solution will work and benefit them and rolling out an in-house media campaign/digital/poster campaign.


CHI: Providing bespoke journal and digital resources.

BANK OF IRELAND: Mental Health Panels and group support for staff. Tested It’s Time For Me Membership with a small section of staff.

DHL: Provided Meditation/Relaxation classes yearly as part of their annual wellbeing week.

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