Believe in Yourself Cards


Introducing ‘Believe in Yourself’ Cards

by Sedrec


I am delighted to bring you a beautiful deck of cards to help you feel motivated, positive and uplifted every day.


A member of my family has written positive messages and poems for the past 25 years to help him cope with an illness and I really wanted to help him share these uplifting and encouraging messages with the world.  I helped by designing the cards and adding his words to bring you something really wonderful.








Sedrec explains below more about the cards and why he wrote them.


“I really hope you enjoy my ‘Believe in Yourself’ Cards, which were created by me for You! To help you remember how important you are and to believe in yourself. If you’re feeling lost, feeling down, have been through a lot or are looking to feel uplifted, I hope these cards can help you.

I had brain surgery 25 years ago and after 3 operations I was left with a Brain Injury. These years have been difficult, lonely and I lost my confidence. I began writing small poems to myself to help me get back on my feet and feel good. After all these years I am delighted to create these special cards. My wish is for them to help people remember they are not on their own and things do get better. Believe in Yourself.”






In times of illness, depression and difficulties we can often feel alone, lost and not sure what steps to take next.  Sedrec’s ‘Believe in Yourself’ Cards are to help you or someone in your life to have a way of feeling good everyday.

You can spread out the deck of cards and choose one message to read each day.


I am delighted to support the creation of these cards and have been so excited to introduce them to you all.



There are 28 cards in the deck, which are 10cm x 6cm in dimension. They are strong card in a lovely cardboard box, to keep them safe.

These cards could be perfect for you or for someone important in your life as a gift.


Cost €12.00


You can pre-order your cards now by clicking below and they will be dispatched/posted on December 10th 2019

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