About Caroline

Welcome and thank you for visiting this space.  I am Caroline and I have been an Intuitive Tarot Reader, Guided Meditation Teacher and Self-Care Life Coach since 2008. I also have a wonderful monthly membership to support you continually.

I really love to help women to reconnect fully to themselves by understanding the true meaning of their life, their soul’s purpose and how they can reach their higher self to create and bring in an abundance of joy, happiness and contentment in their lives.

Often times we don’t know why we feel disconnected from ourselves and I love delving deep into helping women understand this more.  We are all unique and no two of us are or ever will be the same.  We are meant to have a beautiful live but learning lessons and going through difficulties, are given to us to help us evolve and experience more from life.

I have been on my own spiritual journey over the past 10 years and I am blessed to have been able to do this as my work in life and to help so many others on their spiritual journey.  It definitely hasn’t been easy and through my own inability to truly care for myself, I have learned even more how important building a solid foundation of self-care really is.  It is not what we do for others that is the issue, it is what we are not doing for ourselves.  I have learned (the hard way) that without self-nourishment and self-nurturing that life becomes difficult, we move out of alignment with ourselves and the universe seems to send us more and more difficulties to try and awaken us to moving back on the path that we know is right for us.

In all the work that I do, whether it is 1-2-1 sessions, classes, workshops or monthly membership, my most important focus is on YOU. To help you understand your lessons, your soul’s true path and how you can live from a place of balance, flow and ease.

My wish for you is to experience life as you are meant to and to enjoy all the wonderful things it has to offer.

Caroline x