It’s Time For Me


What is It’s Time For Me?

It’s Time For Me is a support for women, just like you, who want to start making time for themselves but feel that it will take too much time, feel like another job/responsibility on their to-do list, be a difficult process or feel too overwhelming.

You may have started doing things to look after yourself before but after a few weeks lost motivation or weren’t enjoying it enough and didn’t see the changes you want.

I have created a unique way of supporting you so that you will enjoy looking after yourself, learn helpful ways to overcome difficulties in your life, gain coping strategies and begin to see life in a new and exciting way while experiencing positive life changes.

It’s Time For Me is…

The ways It’s Time For Me can support you…

*Disclaimer:  It’s Time For Me, its teachings, content and resources are created by Caroline Meade in her capacity as a Holisitic Practitioner and Life Coach.  It’s Time For Me is not a replacement for professional services in the area of counselling, psychotherapy or psychiatry.