In many ways we have become disconnected from ourselves or out of alignment with our soul’s true path.  Fear, pressure, worries and everyday life stresses distract us and take us “out of ourselves”.  We forget that we have amazing support and guidance deep within and surrounding us spiritually.  When we tap into all of these we can then reconnect, know we are minded, trust our own guidance and come back to ourselves.  That is when the magic of life can happen….as each step we take leads us from one joyful and aligned moment to the next.  My purpose, through It’s Time For Me, is to help you remember your true power and that it is now your time to live a fulfilled, connected and peaceful life.  You can understand your soul’s purpose and begin to follow it.


It’s Time For Me is for women, like you, who are on a spiritual journey to awakening their true path in life.  Who seek to discover and live their soul’s purpose.  Who are ready to shed old patterns and beliefs so that they can fully align to their natural inner power.


I have created 12 Pillars of It’s Time For Me, which encapsulate the foundation of which it was created on and I bring each of these pillars through all of my work ~ through my deep healing guided meditations and meditation classes, through my spiritual teachings and workshops, through my soul’s purpose membership, through sharing my own story and through my intuitive readings.  Helping to show you your own power and mentor your highest potential.


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Caroline Maria Meade

*Disclaimer:  It’s Time For Me, its teachings, content and resources are created by Caroline Meade in her capacity as a Holisitic Practitioner and Life Coach.  It’s Time For Me is not a replacement for professional services in the area of counselling, psychotherapy or psychiatry.