Welcome and thank you for stopping by.  I am Caroline and I’ve created this space to offer support to women who feel ready to create a foundation of self-care and move into alignment with their true self and their true purpose. My hope for you is to remember the importance of yourself and that with the new wave of energy 2020 has brought and which has been building for the last number of years, you remember that by truly minding yourself you can live in more balance and peace and also help others to do the same. Your self-care needs are unique and individual to you and finding what works best for you can sometimes feel a little overwhelming.  I hope to help you be supported in many ways so that you reconnect to yourself and find exactly what you need.  

Creating your foundation of self-care can help you to move with the flow of life, create all you desire and maintain balance and ease in your life.

It’s Time For Me is for women, just like you, ready to shed old fears and patterns, to reconnect to their passions and needs and to be supported every step of the way.

You can begin creating your new foundation of self-care by enjoying some free resources below, as well as the other supports that I offer.

I created a beautiful Monthly Membership back in 2017 to be able to keep connected with the women I had worked with and to support them on a more long-term basis. It’s Time For Me allows each person to go on their own individual path of healing and re-connection through their self-care, whilst having my support each and every week. You can read the stories and experiences of some members below and also find out more details on how my monthly membership can help you.

I love it. The texts we receive are brilliant as they act as a reminder to check in with yourself and enjoy the teachings. Each month there are different topics which I love as it keeps it so interesting and we are building our awareness month by month. You can read more of Charlotte’s experience of being a member HERE

I have tried to explain It’s Time for Me to my husband and have described it as a mix of counselling, self care, life coaching and spirituality – to me it encompasses a number of different areas which between them help you move forward with a well rounded support and guidance as opposed to a narrow specific one. You can read more about Aideen’s experience of being a member HERE

I enjoy everything. Getting the text in the morning. Listening to the teaching. That’s available all the time. Everything is available in one place and is there all the time. I can listen back to old teachings. Getting a tarot card at the start of the month. The soul gathering once a month and hearing from the other members. You can read more about Marion’s experience of being a member HERE

Free Self Care Resources
  • Caroline Maria Meade

*Disclaimer:  It’s Time For Me, its teachings, content and resources are created by Caroline Meade in her capacity as a Holisitic Practitioner and Life Coach.  It’s Time For Me is not a replacement for professional services in the area of counselling, psychotherapy or psychiatry.